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Updated: Feb 3

Welcome to the Analog Project, now this show isn’t about using tape, or the departure from the digital landscape. It’s is based on the original definition of Analog, two subjects a like and the differences in-between. Say two types of apples, both apples, but different in varietal. In this case, two creative people with different processes to achieve their own unique creative personality. What makes them tick, find their character, their own voice, their own truest potential. I’m choosing to start this personal journey for a couple of reasons. First, I have a ton of knowledge I’ve been gifted by some of the greatest creative minds ever to grace to earth. Wisdom for years, insight that changed me as a person. I feel it would be a disservice to die with out sharing all of this good stuff.

Second, I’m inspired by many whom have chosen to take their artistry and knowledge to this platform. In this day and age of multiple social outlets and virtual stages it is really hard to discover those that truly believe or give a shit about their message and what they have to offer you knowledge thirsty seekers of truth. So much of it is just regurgitated info that is being hucked amongst the popular vote of current trends and subjects. It’s not easy, and not every idea resonates or finds reflection in everyone. It’s not about that. It’s about connecting with those who are like minded and open to indifference as a conversation, not as a platform for judgment. Opinion is yours if you take the time to form one on your own, not out of influence of others.

And this where respect for truth in art hits the road. You might not agree with it, but you honor and respect that persons willingness to go for it, unapologetically, full bore, here’s my soul, dig it or don’t dig it, but thanks for checking it out. With that said welcome to my voice, my show, and my idea of what I think has value to creative artists like yourself, or those who want to be more than they already are. And yes, this is a different kind of scene when it comes to the art of recording, creating, discovering, and educating yourself. It is far from analog in this digital domain.

Now there are old writings, or mantras if you will, that describe us all having our own voice and with this true voice is how we communicate who we are, what we feel, what we believe, and how we stand out from the rest. Every soul is its own voice. Now how do we tap into that voice. It is also said that when using our true voice we are heard, we are respected. When we chose to follow the character, or impart someone else’s charter into our own voice for the benefits or popularity and success we are no heard, we do not stand out, because we are only affecting our voice to be as popular and successful as the voice we are impersonating. Make sense? You want to sound like Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, Adele, or Robert Plant? Well, get used to everyone that loves their voices and reveres them as the original to subject you to being a substandard version, or even secondary option to the truth.

This is what this show is about. Yes, there will be talks of processing which include gear, tools, technology, but it is not the focus. We want to talk about the intangibles, the stuff only you know in your own soul to be true. Sure some are gonna think this is a softer side of making art or being successful creatively. I’ll will tell you this, after 35 plus years of creative success in almost every facet of the industry, without this knowledge you are going to struggle through every bit of your journey and never understand why, you almost made it, you were so close, they went with the other option, you aren’t being seen as something of greater value.

People more than ever need and want truth, something, someone they can rely on, at least have that connection and security. A voice they can listen to and find themselves in. A place they can disappear too. Into your picture they can fall, into the headphones they can drift off and be in peace without worry even for a couple of minutes. I don’t know about you but I want to give somebody that through my creativity. I want to share what it is that I’m trying to figure out for myself.

Yeah, I’m gonna get get deep, but what’s the point if you don’t go deep? You are the one missing out on the feeling, on the energy, on the brilliance of connecting to your creative soul. You can pretend to make art because you can, completely separate from yourself. Void of pain, fear, joy, love, and doubt. That’s boring as fuck. If you are making art and you don’t question for a moment if you are going to regret being this vulnerable in your efforts than you aren’t giving of your true self in your art. If you don’t feel like you are creating for yourself then you are creating solely for the purpose of an end goal of opportunity and success. This is called design and manufacturing. Your mind is in control the whole way, you are thinking about how it needs to be presented in order to tick these boxes, meet these criteria to set this standard in order to compete, and hopefully, be accepted by the masses in the end. If you are creating for the sole purpose of getting on playlists, sounding like the flavor of the day, sorry to say you’ve already lost the game.

If you are staring at your phone in your hand while you’re singing your lyrics you are completely detached from the source. You can’t be emotionally available if your eyes are on the words you are expecting me to believe YOU believe? To be emotionally free you have to have the lyrics, the vision intact in you mind, you have to know what they mean, how they feel, and how they connect to you on a personal level. If you are just staring at words and singing them then that’s all they are, words on a screen, and its gonna be really hard to convince anyone otherwise, especially after you slaughter all the character and suck the life out of it with auto tune.

Think for a minute about legendary artists, legacy artists, even artists that inspire you and make you feel inspired. Break it down to what you feel and how you react to their art. When you see a painting or a picture and you get lost in it, what do you feel? That is what we are going to get to there. Just insight and discovery of processes that might find their way into your processes. Or if anything at least make you think about your process and help you define yours to be your own voice. I look forward to next time. Until then put down your fucking phone, and think about who you are as an artist.

Cheers and stay well.


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