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The Analog Project is where inspiration, authenticity, confidence, and commitment intersect creativity. Discover your own creative voice and artistic identity.       Understand the processes in creating honest, genuine, and undeniable art.         The Analog Project is all about you being you.

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    Welcome to The Analog Project website. I am David Elliott Johnson, musician, film maker, songwriter, father, husband, shape shifter, taste maker, lover of all things genuine and full of passion. I've spent decades gathering my thoughts and stockpiling wisdom for this moment. I've finally decided it is time to step out from behind the curtain and share the 35 plus years of creative life I have been chosen to experience. This is my way of giving back to those in need of direction, education, understanding, and confidence on their path to a creative life.


   Maybe you're already on your path or maybe you've just stepped off it for a minute. Within these pages filled with blogs, videos, podcasts, and a variety of personal musings, I'm hoping you'll find that answer you're looking for. That one thing that makes you say, "Aha, I always knew it was ok to just be authentic and real in pursuit of my creative voice."  It is exactly that which has made me the successful creative my whole life.

   Although I am recognized as a musician, my experience redirects the boundaries of theory or technical aspects and intersects with the harmony and rhythm in all things creative. It doesn't matter if you paint, dance, sing, woodwork, sculpt, teach, or cook. Creativity is in everything we do. It's all how you choose to approach it. Like I say, "it's never the soup that heals but the soul that is put into it."  What you put into anything is what you are going to get back out of it. How much YOU that is invested is all your own choice. But that is what makes whatever you do unique.

   This is far from a self help website. This site is about my journey, my path to now. I have been given the gems of life lessons by many of the greatest minds I've ever known. True friends, honest caring individuals, and genuine geniuses of their desired creative fields. It is with this knowledge that I have built my successes and moved beyond what some would consider failures. There are no failures, only opportunities to get things right.

   I look forward to sharing my mind and all the things that come with that. I'm excited to introduce my friends and the community of creative likeminded souls I consider family within these pages. I do hope you'll take a minute and digest a piece here, and a taste there. You'll find that I am grateful for all of it, the good and the ... indifferent. I think you'll have good time. I know I did...and still do. Contrary to belief, authenticity is really what it's all about...not the Hokey Pokey.

Be Well, Be Brave, Be You


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